Output diversified by channel: large-scale retail and small-scale retail

The market for the production and sale of furniture involves a large number of players and mechanisms which have to be overseen and reinforced. There are a wide variety of specific aspects relating to the consumer target, functional specialisation and spectrum of styles and technical requirements typical to each channel. We focus greatly on these factors at IMAB Group, generating major returns in terms of acquisition and exploitation of economies of learning and knowledge. As a consequence, we are able to identify changes in consumer tastes virtually at once and transform them into new product ideas for our customers. We have been diversifying our output for many years, in order to cover the entire furniture market, specialising in B2B with both large-scale and small-scale retail channels. Our distinguishing feature has always been our efficient, vast production capacity, combined with a strong emphasis on the customisation of products and solutions on our customers’ behalf.

Furniture production for large-scale retailers

Canali Imab

Our major large-scale retail customers consider us high end suppliers: they do not come to us for products with entry level characteristics and prices, which we are happy to leave to our foreign competitors. We are well known and respected for our capacity to customise products, creating often exclusive compositions, tailored to their market demands, and for our delivery terms, which gain us the status of reliable, efficient partners for the supply of furnishing products and solutions in the eyes of large-scale retailers.

Over the years, we have made significant investments, enabling us to produce high volumes and start delivering orders 48 hours after they have been entered on the system. This efficiency is also facilitated by a storage and distribution logistics system planned and developed specifically for each customer.

Yet our most important added value comes from the partnerships we establish with large-scale retailers, creating a WIN-WIN situation: we arrange regular meetings with the market’s big players to discuss business and agree strategies for mutual success, with a view to continual improvement. This enables both parties to exploit many economies of scale and learning (from labelling to article coding, and from specific packaging requirements through to the production of complete sales documentation, in addition to advertising and marketing graphics).

Furniture production for small-scale retailers

Canali Imab: shop

Over the last few years, there have been profound changes in the way furniture is sold by chains of stores or individual retailers, with a transition from stores which often sold furniture in general to ever-increasing specialisation of the channel by function, style and price-band. These changes respond both to specific demands from end customers and to more strictly logistical considerations.

With its vast experience acquired over 50 years on the market, IMAB Group covers a wide spectrum of solutions for all contexts. Every product and solution is always available from the catalogue, subdivided and modular, to provide exactly the sizes and finishes required by the retailer’s end customer.

Our storage capacity provides retailers with savings in terms of warehousing, since they can order smaller shipment batches (always produced to order, so with no possible losses), more in line with the current needs and demands of shops.

We equip retailers with a graphic tool called the “Configurator”, enabling them to create interior designs on the screen and generate on-the-spot quotations with the end customer present. The tool also provides a rendered view of the chosen product and simplifies forwarding of the order to our management system.

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