Choose IMAB

Numerous good reasons for choosing IMAB Group

Our history speaks for itself. Together with our staff, suppliers and customers, IMAB Group has evolved and expanded over 50 successful years . At a time when the industrial lifespan of companies is becoming shorter and shorter, we are certain this is the most important solid guarantee we offer our stakeholders. We are still a fluid company: shareholders and management interact with customers informally, focusing more on competencies and service than the rigid protocols typical of multinational companies. In any event, our history and our expertise are not the only two assets we offer the market. We can boast of a long list of advantages, making us the partner of choice, for both suppliers and customers.

for suppliers

We offer our suppliers relationships based on competencies and partnership. Indeed, we consider our suppliers part of the team, a crucial element and consequence of our mutual success. And our suppliers can always count on:

  1. IMAB Group’s economic and financial soundness.

  2. Continuous and stable supplies.

  3. Very knowledgeable, cooperative product development staff ready to offer any technical support required.

  4. The use of our laboratories to test any ideas and solutions identified.

  5. Accurate monitoring of the characteristics and performance of the materials supplied, providing suppliers with an effective, efficient measurement tool.

  6. Effective management approaches that assure better performance in terms of time and fewer risks of errors.

  7. A brand which confers prestige, thanks to its market notoriety and recognition.

  8. Supply plan scheduling with medium-length roll-ups, allowing our suppliers to effectively organise their production and logistics.

for customers

IMAB Group is a dynamic company which continually updates its technological know-how, drawing on the skills and fresh ideas of talented designers to deliver modern, trending products and solutions. By choosing IMAB Group, customers select:

  1. A high level of customisation of the solutions requested in terms of both product and production batches.

  2. A wide range of finishes.

  3. Quick delivery times.

  4. Young management that appreciates the experience gained by our senior staff.

  5. Financial and economic stability, guaranteeing continuous long-term supplies and quality.

  6. Control of the supply chain (vertically integrated industry).

  7. Large storage capacity and warehouse at the service of the customer’s logistics.

  8. Excellent value for money.

  9. Constant inspection of incoming products and of processing by suppliers.