IMAB Group's vision and values

Responsibly linked to our roots, we are a company of people capable of building the future with the courage and passion of those who have a dream: to design and create furniture, services and projects to make customers happy in their homes.

We have combined the craft tradition with continual innovation in production and a constant orientation towards our stakeholders and their needs. Our entire organisation is built around respect for what we have learnt over the years, from our founder through to the latest additions to our organisation. This is clearly reflected by our products and our furniture solutions. Together with our staff and management, we have transformed the legacy of our founder Antonio into a stepping stone towards the future, sharing the fruits of our history with all our business partners.

With our customers

To whom we always guarantee quality and a swift response, supporting them in their business, while focusing on the salubrity of the materials and components to be offered to their purchasers.

With our suppliers

With whom we establish genuine teamwork, based on complete cooperation.

With our staff

To whom we guarantee safe, healthy workplaces, setting an example of stability and respect for the healthiest ambitions for personal and professional development and growth.

With our community

Which we are committed to developing prosperously, by actively assisting young people with projects to help them to find employment and achieve professional growth, by including them in the life of our company, training them and then welcoming them into our organisation.

With society as a whole

To which we undertake to use resources sustainably and to reduce waste, and for which we have become a key contributor to the economic and industrial growth of an area hit by the recession, which we have helped to keep alive and vibrant.

With the banks

Who assist us in our investments in property and technology, and to which we guarantee a transparent, trust-based relationship